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Episode 208 - B.B King's GOATT
May 28, 2015 06:44 PM PDT
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It's great to be back after a short, injury-related hiatus. Here's the entertainment you've been yearning for:

* NEW SWAG !!! T-shirts are in (details in the podcast)
* Rob's emergency surgery details, nurse moose knuckling and more!
* Listener Request (@ConradJackShow): Best Fast Food Burger?
* Is Craig Wiggle "On Fleek..."?
* B.B. King .. poisoned?
* Rhonda Rousey .. is aROUSEYing
* G.O.A.T. T!tties
* Duggars aka assh0les
* Listner Request (Sal T.): Woman Faces Bribery Charge For Licking Offer

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Episode 207 - Poop Aid and Bears
May 07, 2015 07:18 PM PDT
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Smooth episode this week, nice flow .. oh yea, and a return of fecal discussions.

* "Poop Aid" contains booze .. and bear talk
* Rob's surgery
* Mayweather/Pacquiao
* "Daughter"
* Price is Right .. wrong with a wheelchair
* Penis transplants
* Dead people perfume
* Poop Beards
* Poop Museum in France (thx to SiberescueBrian for the story)

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Episode 206 - Platoon of Bruce Jenner's
April 28, 2015 07:06 PM PDT
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Here's another steamy one from your friends at The Clutch and Wiggle Experience:

* What's better? Gift of sight? or Gift of hearing what a fart sounds like?
* Riots of Baltimore
* Ben Affleck's ancestry
* Bruce Jenner
* Is cursing healthy for you? Not according to "fuck"ing Supreme Court Justice
* This one's for Professor White - story of the 250 year old dildo
* "Post Fartum Depression"
* China + funerals = strippers?

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Episode 205 - Where The Poo Comes Out
April 16, 2015 07:17 PM PDT
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Another stellar show in the books. Lots to get too again, so here's the rundown:

* New bit: What will offend Jamil?
* Amy Schumer's milk, lemonade and fudge
* 65 year old German quadruplets
* MTV2's Celebrity Death Match
* Flakka and tree sex
* Tori Spelling vs Hibachi grill
* Vegas buffet suicide
* NYC subway dildo
* Minnesota's bull semen issues

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Episode 204 - Would You Prefer Penetration?
April 09, 2015 07:16 PM PDT
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Interesting show to say the least - as long as there's booze and sugar involved in our shows, it's going to be a good one. Here's what we got:

* It's now the Clutch and "Wuggle" Show
* What's the importance of "thank you" cards regarding wakes (or as we called it, deaths)
* Female selfies on the treadmill
* Jack Nickolas is better than Tiger Woods, but Wiggle's still better than Tiger
* Wiggle gives new meaning to Hazel"nut" coffee
* Breasturants
* "Poop mailer"

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Episode 203 - More Marshmellow Goodness
April 02, 2015 07:03 PM PDT
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Kind of a long show, but we have a few intense topics to get to this week .. which are:

* "My HP doesn't sing, it's not a Dell"
* Starbucks, Race Together, Barista Bachelor
* Wiggle's man period
* Germanwings crash
* Trevor Noah
* Indiana .. "what you stick in your ass, is your business"
* Burger King perfume
* Banana Bunker .. for "extra" protection
* Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

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Episode 202 - Dolce and Banana
March 19, 2015 07:16 PM PDT
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Fun filled episode packed with tales of sex, boobs, political talk and of course, our unique brand of "comedy" .. here's what we got:

* Wiggle requests a rocker and more Salvation Army tales
* Music segment, what song/artist has you immediately change the station (rapper Lil Wiggle joins the show)
* Silly government with their drunk secret service and non-"secure" Secretary of State
* Dolce and "Banana" are synthetic
* Fashion Police
* At what point does a stripper become a hooker
* Naked for Dunkin' Donuts
* Make $1300/day with 48NN breasts

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Episode 201 - 2 Door Whore Cruiser
March 12, 2015 07:03 PM PDT
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Here's a quick rundown of the topics we spoke about on episode 201:

* We recap why we didn't podcast last week (hint, it wasn't "warm" enough)
* Leonard Nimoy and his "good friend" Bill Shattner
* "Anger" over SNL ISIS comedy skit
* University of Oklahoma racist bus ride
* Gweneth Paltrow and her steamed vagina
* Craig talks about the stomach shaver at the gym
* Wankband (no, it's not music related, jerky)
* Smoke week, then blow a horse?
* Poop Predicter

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Episode 200 - Best Eaten Before Bed
February 26, 2015 05:58 PM PST
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Finally made it to 200 episodes and it wouldn't be right for us to thank everyone who's downloaded our show - once, twice, or 200 times

* Half dozen hiatuses
* 35th week of pregnancy, without noticing
* Cindy Crawford and definition of a "super model"
* Bang Her or Beat Her - 200 episode in review
* Is it right to teach kids how to interact w cops
* SNL40 thoughts

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Episode 199 - Meatloaf Farts In Your Sunroof
February 19, 2015 07:29 PM PST
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We started off hitting home runs before we hit record, but the following topics were actually recorded !

* Wiggle ponders, what IS mental masturbation
* Masturbating in public, in front of a Lexus
* Bra holster, guns and lots of ejaculation jokes
* Truffle Butter
* Joe Biden - veep creep or just a man of his generation
* Why do we "celebrate" death anniversaries

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