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Episode 234 - Helicockter Eunuch Firearming
April 13, 2016 05:29 PM PDT
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This episode is brought to you by the letter H ..

* Trump pissed at RNC
* XHampster bans gay porn in NC in protest
* Menstrual cramps and weed
* Nintendo Zapper Gloc
* Fake proposal = death
* Man shoots off genitals in selfie
* 6 Ways to stop jerking off

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Episode 233 - Gobble, Gobble in Olsen's Stuffing
April 06, 2016 05:54 PM PDT
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We have returned, thank you as always for listening - here's what we got:

* Rob's entered the dark side
* .. was it because of the iPhone crack?
* Anal twitch
* Trump and Hillary running into.. trouble?
* Bree Olsen Story
* Pregnant horse in Wisconsin
* 7 Facts About Your Balls
* Vagina Beer

For all things #ClutchandWiggle, head over to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 232 - Fecal Talent in Fingerbanging ISIS
March 24, 2016 06:21 PM PDT
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A breaking news and inspirational podcast tonight .. right, so here we go:

* Gary Shandling passing
* Our pitch to Cinemax on how to take down ISIS
* Wendy's crappy chili
* Yellow Kellog's cereal
* Easter Bunny fights
* Don't sleep in undies

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle - http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 231 - Elmo's Poo Process
March 10, 2016 06:35 PM PST
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Here's what we go this week from your two fav boobs w time on their hands podcasting mental masturbation for you, the immature adult:

* Politics - what 3 things would you change about the process?
* Erin Andrews and $55MILLION
* Kardashian nudes
* Chumlee
* Manitoba suicides
* Diaper exposure and prince albert's
* Candy Crush murder
* Sex terms that make you smarter

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle over at http://clutchwiggleexp.com!

Episode 230 - Death By Blue Angel's Box
February 25, 2016 06:33 PM PST
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Stellar performance one week, continue through to the next .. here's what we got on episode "D" in 2016 -

* Trumpmania
* iPhone v FBI .. round 1 HACK!
* Yelp/Eat24 firing
* Florida fart lab death
* Sex at the gym
* Eating box cures cancer

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by heading over to clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 229 - Clock out, cawk in!
February 17, 2016 06:44 PM PST
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Get ready for a fantastic, funny 3-some of a show with Clutch,Wiggle and super producer Tony!

* Politics
* Justice dying
* NJ cop busted for prostitution ring
* Duct Tape Challenge
* Michigan bans oral/anal sex, gives 15 years
* Men need Viagra permission

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by checking out clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 228 - Box Told Fox About Helicocter
January 27, 2016 05:45 PM PST
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Another mini break, what better way to start than to have a mini fight on air, right?

* Snowmageddon .. in studio
* NJ Governor and his mop
* Political talk with Bush, Canckles, Trump and Sanders
* New York City has a jerk-off booth
* Gynecological misconduct .. with a guy
* Tampon Tax
* Waffle House Strip

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by heading over to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 227 - Annual Anal Leakage - it just flows
January 13, 2016 07:20 PM PST
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Welcome to 2016 ... just shaking my head at this point..

* Listener requests
* 2016 Deaths
* El Chapo, el captured
* Oregon Takeover, it's raining cak
* Powerball billions
* Willowbrook porn
* Breast size means what?
* Bejazeled vagina
* Pulling intestines

For all things #ClutchandWiggle head over to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 226 - French Onion Wiggle Burnt His Sack
December 30, 2015 06:59 PM PST
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A very happy new years eve eve to all of our listeners. This show was a recap-like show of some of the more important topics we covered under entertainment, new characters brought to the show,politics and more .. and a couple stories thrown in, like:

* Rob watched Star Wars 1-6
* Bill Cosby
* Affluent teen
* New Years Eve
* Farting in bed gets a dude beat up
* Shot in the ass

Thank you all for listening and downloading throughout 2015, we look forward to more of your input in 2016 and beyond. Check out http://clutchwiggleexp.com for more #ClutchandWiggle

Episode 225 - A1 Ass Sauce
December 09, 2015 07:18 PM PST
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Full of politics, piss and vinegar .. here's what Episode 225 brings to your ears:

* Trump
* Fox News POTUS "pussy"
* College isn't day care
* Farts cure cancer
* Cop busts man in thong, stockings and enema
* Horse sex
* 91 year old woman suffocates w sex act

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle, head on over to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

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