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WiggleCast - Politics, Politics, Politics!
August 04, 2015 02:31 PM PDT
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The initial Wiggle Cast is now available for you to download - here's the topics he talked about:

* I think we're alone now / Stalling
* Donald Trump
* What *I* Would Do as President
* Why QueenElisabeth Think's I'm An a-hole

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 213 - Penis Flytrap
July 30, 2015 06:45 PM PDT
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We have a guest host, professional producer Tony in studio tonight. Yes he is real, listen to it .. started w some technical difficulties but here's what we got:

* Sandra Bland
* Cecil the Lion
* Hulk Hogan and the "brothers"
* Amy Schumer blowing up - or is the media blowing up her spot
* Mud Run bacteria
* Norwegian beach penis w glitter
* Georgia jerk off
* Pooping cyclist

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, minus the technical difficulties at the beginning. For all things #ClutchandWiggle, go to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 213a - I Don't Like Change
July 23, 2015 05:57 PM PDT
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Second installment of a solocast, hope you enjoy!

* A minor bit of venting
* Abandoned Kitten Update
* Thoughts on Batman/TMNT crossover
* Where has my love of baseball gone?
* NO Saints logo / Reshuffling of issues of crisis

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 212 - What Do I Get For a $5 Box?
July 17, 2015 07:31 PM PDT
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It's good to be back doing a full show. Lots of thank you's and "inside jokes" so if you listen, and it pertain's to you - you got a shoutout!

* Marriage Equality: d suckn' and panty munchn'
* Bill Cosby rapen' bitches
* Rapper 50-Cent is broke
* Arianna Grande .. I'd lick her donut
* Jared from Subway, and his foot long problems
* Subway Masturbater
* 6 Word Stories, apparently misunderstood
* Serial Pooper in Jersey
* US Marshall's having roof sex
* Hanging rubber dicks
* Taco Bell Prostitution
* Transgender Tampons

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by going to http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 212a - Riding Solo
July 07, 2015 06:40 PM PDT
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With a Wiggle-less show, 2 weeks being too long to give content and some time to kill, Rob did his first solo-cast containing the following topics:

* Minor vacation wrap up
* Abandoned kittens
* Shoutouts to our fangirl in GA and SiberescueBrian
* Buy some shirts!
* Personal political thoughts on Donald Trump and Gov. Chris Christie
* Ed Lover's Facebook post regarding transgender choices, age and race

Thanks for downloading and give us any and all feedback!

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 211 - Is She Trans-Donut?
June 25, 2015 06:53 PM PDT
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After a week off, we refueled (along with Wiggle drinking his brandy) and came up with the following funny:

* NY prison escapee's and ton's of "meat" jokes
* Rachel Dolezal's "identity"
* Charleston,SC Shooting and uproar over the confederate flag
* Poop Investigation
* "Klittra"
* Krispy Kreame latex surprise
* Porn hub in space

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on our web site - http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 210 - Pounded with 10 inches of Long and Huge
June 09, 2015 06:28 PM PDT
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Quick turn around from last week, here's what we got for you:

* Penguin joke gone wrong
* Texas Pool Party
* Spike TV Censorship
* What do your FB posts say about you?
* Maxim magazine sucks
* Slashing to the corpses
* Naked Twister w daughter's boyfriend
* "Shitbit" (Story of the wearable sex tracker)
* McDonalds proposal

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by heading over to http:\\clutchwiggleexp.com and leave us your feedback!

Episode 209 - No Punchline
June 04, 2015 06:35 PM PDT
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With Wiggle being his ranty self, what we decided to go with story wise just sets him off more .. here's the set list:

* Prom's and "no punchline"
* Walk of Nothing
* G.O.A.T.T. Update, or lack there of
* Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner
* Why are there ties in Spelling Bee's?
* FDA approves dart gun for ADHD kids
* Naked Bike Ride
* Super glue lube

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by visiting our web site http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 208 - B.B King's GOATT
May 28, 2015 06:44 PM PDT
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It's great to be back after a short, injury-related hiatus. Here's the entertainment you've been yearning for:

* NEW SWAG !!! T-shirts are in (details in the podcast)
* Rob's emergency surgery details, nurse moose knuckling and more!
* Listener Request (@ConradJackShow): Best Fast Food Burger?
* Is Craig Wiggle "On Fleek..."?
* B.B. King .. poisoned?
* Rhonda Rousey .. is aROUSEYing
* G.O.A.T. T!tties
* Duggars aka assh0les
* Listner Request (Sal T.): Woman Faces Bribery Charge For Licking Offer

Please contact us for purchasing t-shirts and show your in-public support!

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on http://clutchwiggleexp.com

Episode 207 - Poop Aid and Bears
May 07, 2015 07:18 PM PDT
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Smooth episode this week, nice flow .. oh yea, and a return of fecal discussions.

* "Poop Aid" contains booze .. and bear talk
* Rob's surgery
* Mayweather/Pacquiao
* "Daughter"
* Price is Right .. wrong with a wheelchair
* Penis transplants
* Dead people perfume
* Poop Beards
* Poop Museum in France (thx to SiberescueBrian for the story)

Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle on our webpage - http://clutchwiggleexp.com

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