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Episode 266 - Serious Screaming Peacock
July 17, 2020 08:56 PM PDT
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Long show, serious show .. really only contained about 3+ topics as we dive semi deep into hot topics of today -

* COVID-19
* Political landscape
* BLM - How can we do better?

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Episode 265 - Coronacation: Wang Chung w Row E
May 22, 2020 08:20 PM PDT
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We're still alive, believe that jack! Here's what we got for you for the first remote post-pandemic episode of #ClutchandWiggle

* COVID-19 Talk
- President Trump's handling and daily "musings" of the situation
- How local government has handled this
- Do you feel safe?
* Microwaving face masks
* Landlords asking for rent sex
* Lock-down sex with household objects
* Re-thinking the toilet seat
* Yan punches mom for hiding TP
* Sex dolls replace real fans at Korean soccer games

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Episode 264 - Whale Ham Rimmy
March 13, 2020 07:28 PM PDT
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* Corona-virus
* Politics
* Youth Hockey coach attacks ref

Jerking off boosts immune system | Dealing with porn on a plane | Whale Ass Ham | Shatner divorce horse semen

Episode 263 - Alaskan King Colon
February 11, 2020 10:37 AM PST
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* Intro to Bawston Dave
* Kobe Bryant's death - tragedy or karma?
* Trump "impeachment" over, now what?
* What currently shapes your political make up
* Coronavirus
* State fetishes (Bonus story: Dave's AVN story)
Used Amazon diapers | Massachusetts serial pooper | Cockfighting Rooster Slices and Kills Owner | Pooping on cars from an overpass | Unstoppable penis

Episode 262 - Machete and Mohel
January 17, 2020 07:21 PM PST
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Welcome to the new year, same podcast edition of #ClutchandWiggle .. let the three headed immaturity begin!

.. but not without some serious conversation first:

* MLB drama
* Anti-semitism / racism in this country flares up - where does it come from?
* Bombing in Iran / POTUS Impeachment discussion
* Royal Family "outrage"
* Michele Carter: 1st Amendment discussion about texts causing your significant other to off themselves

.. then we have some normalcy after a break:

PornHub sued by deaf man | Century sex - turtle style | Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina candle | Jet fuel dumped on kids in NJ | $10.5k addiction on baby powder | Fart smell bad? Assault your significant other (according to affidavit in Texas)

Episode 261 - No One Wants Charlie in My Box
December 20, 2019 07:32 PM PST
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Happy Holidays folks .. here's the shitty story-lines we have this week:

* Christmas talk (favorite movies, wagilia and more)
* Craig’s Shit-Angel Story (Preacher Wiggle from the pulpit)
* Polyamorous Woman Falls Pregnant By One Of Her Four D&D Lovers
* Does a life sentence end when brought back to life? | Tire valve wienies | 'Penis fish' in California | Hot Diarrhea | Homeless agency and transgender lap dances | Felicio cafe

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Episode 260 - Fish, Snow and Bump and Grind
November 27, 2019 06:40 PM PST
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Happy pre-Turkey Day .. probably the first one we've recorded the week of in our history! Here's the talking points on this weeks show:

* Turkey Day
* Impeachment
* Social media banning sexual orientation emojis
* Sexually assaulted by mermaids | Sex w (stuffed) Olaf | Woman in physical love with a plane | Traffic Cone sex

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Episode 259 - TI's Pornplots in iHell
November 08, 2019 06:53 PM PST
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* Dave’s time away from the show
* Death
* Boomer talk
* Ethnic-studies
* Would the Soprano's be made today?
* Fortnite = cocaine | White Castle Beer | TI and his daughters hymen, and Meatloaf? | Toothpaste vagina tighteners | McSexting

Episode 258 - Always Hide and Queef in Stank-city
October 24, 2019 07:01 PM PDT
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Here's the topics:

* Feasting back in the good 'ol days
* Rob and Craig feel old at Wendy's
* Always and non-binary customers
* Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees
* The Kardashian Kweef
* Best game of hide and seek | 351 miles | St. Louis and "Gloria" STD's | Man denied sex w animals in NJ

Episode 257: Millions of Impeaches - Semen for Free
October 11, 2019 07:02 PM PDT
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This show's for the OG's .. Rob and Craig chit chat about the following topics:

* Impeachments
* "Joker" movie and it's criticism
* Judge: Sell your nudes to Playboy
* Stories of the week: Abandoning adult dwarfs | Solid gold shitter stolen | It's raining semen | Bang Bro's Center


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